DOWNES GUITARS produces hand-built 6- and 7-string solid-body headless electric instruments with a variety of pickups and electronics configurations to inspire guitarists looking for something a little different.  Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn about new instruments as they become available, and about future projects.  We have big plans!

Purchasing an instrument

DOWNES GUITARS are sold through our shop on  Shipping inside the continental United States is free.  At the moment we are shipping within the US ONLY — new regulations regarding the shipping of certain wood species (often used in fingerboards) outside of the United States will require a bit of research, but we hope to offer international shipping very soon.  All DOWNES GUITARS come with a Gruv Gear GigBlade (TM) gig bag with extra padding to fit the shape.

DOWNES GUITARS are built as complete instruments – there are no wait lists or deposits.  Although build times vary, instruments are built in batches that take six to eight months to complete.  Once a batch is complete, each instrument goes up for sale on and is available for immediate shipping.  We’ll announce these sales on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so follow us and stay tuned!

About the builder

I began playing piano in the third grade, electric bass in high school, and guitar and synthesizers in college. During graduate school in Cambridge, MA, I began working with Chris Buono, starting private lessons in 2005, and continuing through to today. I began working on my own instruments not long after, starting with performing my own set-up and assembly work using pre-made bodies and necks. A workshop in 2010 run by master builders Adam Zois and Tom Knatt helped me take things to the next level: building bodies and necks from scratch. Over the next few years, I continued working with Adam to refine my skills and designs, until I returned to my hometown of Portland, Oregon, where DOWNES GUITARS was formally established in 2013.